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Comune di Carugate

Comune di Carugate

The unofficial page of Carugate on the Web STATISTICS: Statistics
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 The main data

  Historical resume
  The census 
  The 'filande' 
  The properties 

  Villa Gallerani
  Villa Ghirlanda

 The 'cascine' 
  Valera di Sotto

 The town 

 The origin of the name



Welcome to the new page of Carugate on the Web!

This page was created and is maintained by a carugatese with the purpose of introduce our town all over the world with the aid of Internet.
After hours of work, I have finally made some interesting modifications. Beyond all the new documents and images available on-line, I have revised the English, Portuguese, Spanish and French translations (by the way, if you speak German, please write me) and I have also translated the page into Esperanto (now the page is available in seven languages!).
The page is already a little large, but I'm sure that at the end I will put here an amount of informations so large that a single day will not be sufficient to read it all.
The idea of page about Carugate may seem a little strange, so, if you want to know why I created this page, read the Premise.
Obviously it isn't easy to maintain this page, but I think that I made a good work. But this, who have to decide is you.
Sayed that, I augur you a good navigation in these pages and I remember you that for any doubt, suggestion, etc. you can send me a message to the address:

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This page is of entire responsability of Tiago Tresoldi. The Comune di Carugate doesn't have any responsability with this page.
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